Why ethnic minorities should be important for your brand

Why ethnic minorities should be important for your brand

National and ethnic minorities are a vital part of a British cultural landscape: they live, earn and spend money here by their millions. Still, their tastes and needs are oftentimes being overlooked in brands’ promotional efforts.

Multiple studies indicate that by doing so, companies miss out substantial and valuable consumer groups, as more than a half of minority representatives openly state their preference towards brands that communicate a sense of affinity with their culture. They favour the campaigns including people of the same origins, and develop positive attitudes towards companies that stand behind them. To reach out to minorities is therefore a critical move for a business to grow – and if you don’t, your competitors will.

However, the task is far from easy: it requires sensitivity, thorough cultural awareness, and the ability to know and understand your customers. There is no room for guesswork. At 2Sisters PR we have established this understanding throughout the years of working with local immigrant communities and foreign businesses and media. We built a vast network of associates descending from Eastern European countries, who possess the knowledge and language skills necessary to reach both customers living in Poland, Romania, Lithuania and more, and their compatriots who had moved to the UK.

We maintain close relationships with local media, celebrities and influencers to promote our clients both within and across British border. And we have the experience required to develop, launch and manage large marketing and PR campaigns to win minorities’ trust and convert them into loyal customers.

Over the years, we provided numerous brands with our cultural and professional expertise, helping them reach Eastern European immigrants throughout the UK, and their families and friends in their home countries.

We successfully promoted companies on both British and foreign soil: our collaboration with TransferGo, ranging from marketing services, through securing publications in top Polish newspapers, to creative PR stunts, allowed the company to gain Polish citizens as their largest consumer group.We introduced The Polish Bakery to the Brits in the UK via numerous events, publications and bloggers outreach campaigns. The Polish Bakery products are now more recognisable among British followers, celebrities and British prominent media.

Finally, we personally adjusted the O2 World Chat app to the needs of Polish-speaking audiences, and prepared and executed a comprehensive promotional campaign, reaching hundreds of thousands of people with the potential to become one of the service’s heaviest users.

Similar results were achieved with Lebara, Moneygram, Oakam and many more businesses who recognised immigrants from Eastern Europe as valuable customers. You can read their stories and testimonials on our newly refurbished, fully digital website at 2sisterspr.com. See our complete portfolio and find out why it is us the top brands turn to for ethnic marketing and PR services.

Please contact us if you are interested in what we can do for your brand office@2sisterspr.co.uk

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