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TransferGo is a tremendously successful startup business, providing its customers with hassle-free, quick money transfers for exceptionally low fees in 44 countries. With excellent ratings at Trustpilot, the company cooperates with thirty bank partners and serves tens of thousands satisfied clients a month.



Our mission was to maximise the company’s reach with its now-biggest consumer group, Poles and Polish immigrants. 


Throughout our ongoing collaboration with TransferGo, we provided their business with our PR and marketing expertise, building meaningful and lasting relationships with the most prominent media in Poland.



We achieved numerous publications within Polish newspapers, magazines and news websites with a national reach, including high-profile titles such as Wprost, Rzeczpospolita, Angora, Puls Biznesu, WP Biznes, Polska The Times and many more. In consequence, we helped to secure TransferGo’s position on the Polish market as a fast, secure and reliable money transfer service highly regarded by Poles both living in their country and on the British soil.

Polish marketing and PR
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