Top 5 Polish Festivals in the UK

Top 5 Polish Festivals in the UK

Spring months mark the beginning of the festival season: the weather, now mild and lovely, fosters outdoor fun, and soon people of all age and nationalities will flock the events across the United Kingdom. Given the number of different fairs and festivals, it may at times be difficult to ascertain where the customers you want to reach are to be found. We prepared a list of top five places to choose from if you are planning to target the Polish minority in the incoming spring and summer months.

1. Days of Poland Festival

The biggest Polish event in the entire United Kingdom, held annually in Potters Fields Park in the very heart of London, Days of Poland Festival is a worthy inaugurator to the festival season. Extremely popular since the dawn of its existence, each year it attracts thousands of Poles, enticing them with a myriad of food stalls offering traditional food, live performances by renowned musicians and folk artists from all regions of Poland, and numerous attractions for participants of all age. But perhaps its biggest asset is the unique, friendly and familiar atmosphere of a true Polish Majówka – the organisers managed to recreate the vibe of a mid-spring vacation that is commonly felt in Poland at the turn of April and May, winning the hearts of Polish community members, who are now, after four successful years, regulars to the event. This year’s edition, launching on 30 April, will be no different: the line-up is as attractive as ever, and the entry is free for all visitors.

 2. Goniec Polish Festival 

The second biggest Polish outdoor festival in the United Kingdom is Goniec Polish Festival: an event, whose mission is to unite the Polish community, to support their integration with local society, and to promote Polish culture, cuisine and traditions. It takes place on a yearly basis, at the end of summer holidays, and gathers around 6,000 visitors, offering them a variety of attractions for all age groups, including competitions, live music, shows and tastings.

3. Luton Polish Festival

A relatively new event, Luton Polish Festival aims at introducing the local community to  Polish culture and music. Festival organiser, Sebastian Dolinski, elaborated on this thought, saying: “We wanted to show the Luton community what Polish culture has to offer. It is a chance to see a new side to us, and recognise the sports and activities we do in the UK”. For that reason, the first edition offered a rich line-up, including names such as Promethidion, Tina’s School of Dance, actors from POSK theatre London, DJ Ande, and Martin Fitch.

4. Bedford Polish Festival 

Launching on 15 May 2017, Bedford Polish Festival is a project realised by the Polish Language and Culture Association in cooperation with NHS Diverse Culture Team and Bedford Borough Strategic Partnership, and a means to bring together people of all ages, all communities, and all nationalities. Its programme will involve a combination of both indoor and outdoor entertainment, including a variety of attractions and activities for children, such as sports, arts and crafts. The festival starts at 12PM in Harpur Suite and Harpur Square, and is welcoming everyone for free.

5. Laxton Hall Fun Day

An outdoor event organised by the Polish Educational Society and the Polish Catholic Mission in England and Wales, Fun Day is a festival for Polish children from across Great Britain. It revolves around tournaments and contests designed for both individuals and teams: participants can test themselves in various disciplines, such as sports, arts, music and recital, and compete for fantastic prizes, or take part in numerous other organised events and workshops, including jewellery making and pony rides. The event promises joyful atmosphere, delicious traditional Polish meals, and a unique opportunity to make new friends from all over the country. 

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