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The Polish Bakery was founded in 2003 and is the oldest Polish bakery in the UK. They make their bread the traditional Polish way, and take great pride in the quality of their products. 



We have been working with the Polish Bakery on various projects, with the main objective being to promote their brand and products to Polish communities living in the UK.


We were successful in securing sponsorship opportunities for our client at some of the biggest and most prestigious Polish events across the UK. 


We got in touch with one of the most successful Polish vloggers in the UK, who has 45 million views on her YouTube channel, and asked her to review The Polish Bakery products in one of her videos and share it across her social media accounts.


The video was viewed more than 41,257 times in the first three weeks and saw traffic on The Polish Bakery social media and website grow substantially.


The brand was also increasingly spoken about across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as being mentioned in various publications in the Polish press in the UK.


Polish events sponsored by our client were also huge success and attracted many potential new customers.

British Media Relations
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