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Sterling Lawyers

Sterling Lawyers LTD is a young and dynamic law firm based in the City of London, specialising in immigration, criminal, employment and family law cases and offering its comprehensive services to both individuals and businesses. 



The company wanted to secure its position on the market as a firm that is frequently chosen by the Polish migrants living in the United Kingdom to represent their cases and provide them with legal assistance and advice. 



We employed a wide range of PR and marketing activities aimed at increasing the company’s familiarity among the Polish community members and to promote its services across multiple channels. At first we developed a Polish language version of the Sterling Lawyers website, prepared SEO and created a dedicated Polish Facebook business page for the company. We took the responsibility for the profile’s management, producing engaging and informative content targeted at the Polish audience and aiming at directing the traffic to the newly established website. Simultaneously, we prepared press releases presenting the company’s expertise and sent it to the Polish media. Finally, we secured Sterling Lawyers as one of the sponsors for the 2017 edition of the Days of Poland Festival, providing the company with branded promotional materials, a dedicated stall and the opportunity to hold an on-stage contest, as well as with a comprehensive multi-channel promotion. The Sterling Lawyers logo appeared across all of the event’s promotional materials, both online and print.



Sterling Lawyers was granted the status of the only legal firm to participate in the Days of Poland Festival and its offer met with significant interest among the event’s participants. The remaining members of the Polish community in the UK were exposed to the brand via online advertisements, Facebook posts and dedicated press releases. In one month alone, we secured over 60 publications in the most prominent Polish media, including titles such as Polska Times, the print edition of Puls Biznesu and many Polish media in the UK.

Polish Lawyers promotion in the UK
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