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2Sisters PR have many years experience when it comes to Lifestyle and Beauty PR. Our specialities include product launches, media days, offline and online promotion and building brand awareness.


We help our clients receive brand recognition online and in print for their products and services by capitalising on our relationships with bloggers and journalists across all sectors. Our team of experienced managers can help take your product to the next level through various blogs, micro-blogs and social media channels. 


If you are looking for experts to help promote your brand, or plan a product launch for you, just drop us a line on: and we’ll be happy to help.

London Launch Party

VIP and Celebrity Endorsement


Throughout the years of successful networking, we have developed meaningful and lasting relationships with top celebrities, show business stars and VIP influencers. We utilise these connections as a means of helping our clients to make their stories more powerful, compelling, and heard across all channels.


The influence a right person can have is invaluable: the authority of popular, esteemed characters increases the brand trust and familiarity among customers, and their endorsement serves as a sufficient incentive to test a new product or service. And since they have power to attract the media, collaboration with celebrities is one of the best ways to build brand awareness, generating genuine buzz both offline and online.To learn more about our previous collaborations, please see our portfolio and case studies.

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