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Polish Village Bread LTD is a UK-based Polish bakery, established in 2004 in London, now available in stores across the entire country. The largest brand in its sector, it offers more than 200 products, ranging from bread to confectionery and cakes.


The company’s decision-makers wanted to acquire new customers and further increase the brand’s reach to encompass for both Polish immigrants living in the United Kingdom and Londoners of all nationalities.


Polish Village Bread became a sponsor for the 2017 edition of Days of Poland Festival, the largest and most popular Polish event in the United Kingdom, held in the city centre and visited annually by thousands of Poles, Britons and tourists. The brand logo appeared on all of the event’s promotional materials, including flyers, posters, online visuals, Facebook ads and the stage banner, and the company’s offerings were described in a dedicated press release on Polish cuisine. On the site of the festival, Polish Village Bread was presented with stalls located in two prominent areas of the Festival, Kids’ Village and Food Village, and with the opportunity to hold an on-stage contest during the peak hour of the event.


Over 25,000 guests were exposed to the Polish Village Bread, many of them deciding to test the company’s products or to participate in the contest and other promotional activities organised on-site. The sales volume increased significantly as the company’s stalls enjoyed an enormous popularity among the event’s audience. Subsequent potential customers were able to see the brand logo across multiple online and offline channels and to read about its products via numerous publications secured in the media based both in Poland and the UK.

Polish Brand Management in the UK
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