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Polish Village Meals is a part of Polish Village Bread, a bakery situated in West London, whose baked goods grace the tables of Poles in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. It introduces a full range of traditional Polish dishes, ready-prepared and available in over 700 stores in the UK.



The main objective was to secure a successful launch of the new brand, ensuring its online presence, building the desired brand image, and reaching its target audiences, both in Polish communities and among Britons.



We planned, developed and executed the entirety of the launching campaign, engaging in numerous marketing and PR activities, including designing the brand mascot, creating the slogans to convey the brand meaning and many more. We built the website from scratch, provided it with English copywriting and Polish translation, and prepared and implemented SEO. We then maximised the online reach via advertising campaigns on Google and Youtube, and ensured the cooperation of food bloggers with substantial reach, whom we provided with product samples to review on their Social Media profiles and blogs.



We created a website that is fully localised for two distinct consumer groups, conveying the intended brand image and providing the company with the online presence throughout all relevant channels. The creative content and brand messages are meaningful to all potential customers, regardless of their country of origin, and the brand awareness is now being spread throughout positive feedback provided by bloggers and influencers.

Polish Brand Promotion in the UK
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