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Sanadren Europe GmbH is a company based in Switzerland who specialise in selling luxury beauty products, available to buy in Germany, UK, Switzerland, APAC, Emirates and the USA.



To look after UK PR activity for Sanadren, including the launch of its luxury beauty product Natural Biotech Life Gel and Serum by Shezen in Urban Retreat at Harrods. Made using highly concentrated products with 100% naturally active substances and valuable extracts from plants and biotechnology, the two products were designed to provide immediate, long-lasting results for the bust. The product was not tested on animals. 


We organised and managed an event in the Sarah Myerscough Gallery in Mayfair, inviting celebrities, bloggers and beauty industry professionals. We were also responsible for opening and managing social media accounts for the product.



The event was hugely successful; celebrities in attendance included Victoria Eisermann, Solomon Akhtar, Lauren Riley, Laura White and Rene Byrd. The product received a lot of coverage in the national press, as well as positive reviews from well-known bloggers and animal activists.

Harrods product Launch
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