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Morliny is one of the biggest meat brands on the Polish market, famous for combining innovative product ideas with traditional taste. Its range includes sausages, hot-dogs, deli-meat, ham slices and many more. The products are available both in Poland and the United Kingdom, sold in local Polish stores and large supermarket chains, including Tesco, ASDA and more.



The goal was to promote the Morliny brand among Polish communities living in the UK, as well as to other potential customers, including Britons. 



To increase the target audiences’ exposure to the brand, we secured a large sponsorship deal for Morliny: it became one of the main sponsors for the Days of Poland Festival, the famous annual event in the heart of London promoting Polish culture in Great Britain, and hosting tens of thousands guests, including Polish immigrants, local Londoners and representatives of many other nationalities.



During the Days of Poland, Morliny reached thousands of potential customers, resulting in increased brand awareness and recognition for its products and their wide availability on the British soil.

Polish Marketing
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