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Maluchem do UK was a PR stunt organised for TransferGo, a tremendously successful startup business, providing its customers with hassle-free, quick money transfers for exceptionally low fees in 44 countries.



The titular “Maluch”, Fiat 126p, is perhaps the most iconic car in the history of Poland, designed and manufactured throughout the second half of the XX century, and extremely popular during the Polish People’s Republic era. The race-like event involved numerous participants covering the entire distance from Poland to the United Kingdom in Maluch vechicles, as a means to communicate TransferGo’s ongoing support for Polish immigrants in the UK after the Brexit vote.



We planned and executed the entirety of the event from the PR site: we organised the media day, secured interviews for the drivers, invited Polish celebrities, and helped to manage the event on the arrival, set on the site of Polish Social & Cultural Association, POSK.



The event was a huge success, attracting the presence of Polish celebrities, including Ola Ciupa and Pola Pospieszalska, and resulting in a 100 publications in the most prominent Polish media. We successfully spread TransferGo’s messages of support, reaching millions of Poles at the time of the highest post-Brexit uncertainty.

Ola Ciupa Londyn
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