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Katy Carr is an award-winning British singer-songwriter of Polish descent, promoting Poland’s legacy and culture through her pop folk songs about the country’s history. Famous for her stage image, she wears clothes and hairstyles from 1930s and 1940s period and plays vintage instruments.



The goal was to promote the artist, increasing her popularity and recognition for her work, and bringing her story closer to diverse audiences in the United Kingdom and Poland.



We provided Carr with comprehensive promotional services, ranging from artist management to Social Media management. We organised cultural events and concerts, booking venues and providing all the necessary help during her shows, as well as secured her online omnipresence, creating content and managing her Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts.



Carr’s largely increased her followers base and received significant recognition as an artist. In 2016, she was awarded with Poland’s Pro Partia Medal, a commendation given to those deserving a particular credit for their work in cultivating the memory of the struggle for Poland’s independence.

Polish Press Office Management
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