It’s August, time to start your Christmas preparations!

It’s August, time to start your Christmas preparations!

Yes, we mean it. And yes, we get it: It’s a middle of the summer, the weather is as good as it gets in this country, and you probably are yet to go for a long-awaited holiday. But marketers know no rest, especially when it comes to a period as important as Christmas. The winter holiday shopping spree seems to begin earlier each year – even as soon as in October. 

Rest assured, we are not telling you to introduce your festive packagings just now. You may, however, want to already start designing them, and here is why:

1. Summer is a rather relaxed period

With the majority of customers enjoying their time-off, you may notice a slight slowdown for  your business. Whatever extra time it leaves you with, use it wisely, for the upcoming next months will be anything but tranquil. Prepare your Christmas strategy now to ensure the holiday madness does not caught you unprepared, and that you do not fall behind your competitors, who are bound to have started early as well.

2. Autumn may be too late to plan certain activities

It applies to both complex TV advertisements and seemingly simple PR stunts. Christmas is a busy period for everyone, so if you postpone your decision for too long, you may find that it is no longer possible to arrange the right venue, hire the staff and secure sufficient attendance and press coverage. A festive-themed party is an excellent opportunity for a new product launch or for a blogger outreach, but for it to be successful, memorable and generating the intended results – be it solid sales or positive reviews throughout various digital channels – it cannot be rushed. Plus, the earlier you make your bookings, the less expensive the entire endeavour will be – and we know that budgets in Q4 can be tight.

Or consider becoming an exhibitor during one of the many Christmas festivals that will be held across the country. A London’s classic, Winter Wonderland, is attended by more than 2.5 million visitors each year, which makes it a great promotional spot for caterers and entertainers. But although its gates will not open until November, the time to apply to exhibit is now. Once all the tents are sold, the opportunity will be gone for an entire year.

3. It is a campaign, not a one-off gig

No one will notice an ad being released on Christmas Eve if there was no adequate prelude to it. You need to build sufficient tension and to create the proper mood way in advance. Regardless of tools you decide to use – be it a series of TV ads, outdoor billboards or social media posts – they have to be carefully timed and orchestrated in order to stand out from myriad Christmassy messages your customers will be bombarded with in the upcoming months. More importantly, they need to reach them as soon as they start their preparations – which oftentimes is weeks before Christmas! 

To ensure it is you your customers will have in mind when shopping for gifts and other festive essentials, you need plan, prepare and finalise your campaign early. Reach out to us at +44 (0) 208 2447 047 or and we’ll happily prepare and implement a winter holiday strategy for your brand. This way, you too can have a very merry Christmas!

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