How To Get Your Brand Noticed By The Polish Community in the UK

How To Get Your Brand Noticed By The Polish Community in the UK

We live in the digital era: nowadays consumers are no longer interested in one-sided communications that leafleting or bus shelter banners offer, as they often consider it impersonal, meaningless and poorly-timed. It becomes even more crucial when targeting minorities, who came to Britain by millions and spread across the entire country: using only traditional advertising methods, you are likely to miss all those who inhabit smaller cities and villages. However, you will reach them with the Internet – and this is why we have prepared for you 7 tips on how to promote yourself to the Polish communities using digital tools.

1. Social Media in Polish (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube)

To be approachable for your customers, it is essential to speak in the same language they do – and to provide them with meaningful messages. Not all channels are equally suitable for what your brand has to offer. If you operate a law firm, consider using Twitter and Facebook, as they will allow you to engage in formal, written communication. But if your brand is a food brand, do not neglect Instagram and Snapchat – visuals are essential, and extremely popular across audiences of all kind! Once you have selected appropriate social media channels, bear in mind that simply posting a message on Facebook is no longer enough: basing solely on organic reach, you will miss out all of the potential new customers. You need paid ads for them to see you.

2. Publication in Polish online and print media 

Polish people in UK, as all migrants, have spent the majority of their lives in their home country, and they are much more likely to be familiar with the Poland-based media than with their equivalents in the UK. Renowned Polish portals, such as Onet, Interia or, offer an additional advantage: advertising there, you reach not only those who migrated to Britain, but also their families and friends back in Poland, and similar communities in other countries.

3. Collaboration with online Influencers

Collaborating with a blogger or vlogger will help your brand reach numerous different types of potential customers, from foodies to tech enthusiast, and to advertise your offer in a nonintrusive manner. Online influencers evoke trust and have the ability to set new trends, it is therefore essential for any business to grow the network of its brand ambassadors and to maintain good relationships with them to secure their support in your future projects.

4. Digital Advertising on Polish Websites

When planning an event targeted at the Polish audience, a digital ad in the form of banners on Polish websites is essential to reach as many of potential attendees as possible. This method will also greatly improve traffic on your website, and consequently increase your brand recognition and conversion rates. Consider this a digital equivalent of a standard banner, only more effective, as it allows your customers to come to you directly with just one click.

5. Google Ads and SEO

However, should your sector be subjected to fierce competition, simply having a website may not be enough. Your customers need to be able to find you without a hassle: if you do not appear on the first search page in Google, they may simply go to someone who does. Work on your SEO, keywords and positioning to ensure your website is on top. In some cases, you may need to advertise with Google Ads to secure your position there, but it is a worthy investment, and an easy way to gain a competitive advantage.

6. Blog

Do not rely solely on third-party articles: whenever you feel that you have something to say that your audience will find relevant, write your own and post it on your website’s blog. It is then a matter of reposting the link to your Social Media profiles and other sites in your area of expertise – it will allow you to reach numerous potential customers in their natural settings, to increase your brand’s online visibility and website traffic, and eventually, your positioning in Google.

 7. Newsletter Marketing in Polish

Newsletter distribution is a very effective and inexpensive way to further enhance brand visibility and recognition. Simply build a base of contacts and provide them with newsworthy material on a regular basis. It will also serve as a means to improve customer retention and enhance brand loyalty: your existing clients will be reminded of your offer, and you will bear no additional advertising costs.

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