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polish pr and marketing in the UK

EE is the largest mobile network operator in Great Britain, and the largest provider of 4G services in Europe. With an impressive number of approximately 30 million customers, it is one of the most recognised brands operating within these sectors.


The goal was to further promote the EE brand to the members of the Polish community living in the United Kingdom, to increase their familiarity with the company’s products and offer, and to pass on the positive image to prospective new customers.



EE became the sponsor for the 2017 edition of Days of Poland Festival, UK’s biggest Polish event held annually in Potters Fields Park, London. As such, the brand logo appeared on all promotional materials for the event, including online banners and ads, print posters and flyers, distributed in high volumes to Polish shops, schools and other similar venues across the entire London, and  the stage banner. On-site, the company was provided with the opportunity to promote its services in dedicated areas, located in three distinctive areas of the park, and to display branded pennons alongside the main path. 



The attendance for Days of Poland Festival amounted to over 25,000 guests, who throughout the day were constantly exposed to the EE brand. Numerous attendees chose to approach the company’s promotional stalls, including the large ‘Your local EE store’ van located at the entrance to the Kids’ Village, and its recreational area situated next to the Tower Bridge, to take part in various activities or simply to familiarise themselves with the offer. Additionally, as Days of Poland Festival was widely covered in the most prominent UK-based Polish media, the EE brand reached Poles across the entire Great Britain, regardless of whether they participated in the event.

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