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Our social media services include management, reviews and revisions of social media accounts, bespoke campaign structuring, interaction with your target audience and online marketing.


We have proven social media advertising experience (particularly on Facebook and Twitter) with expertise in increasing social audiences and driving web traffic.


We help clients to tell their story via social media channels, working to convert an online audience into customers. Our digital campaigns are developed with the aim of getting the right people talking about your brand and product, and we use specific measurement tools to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their social media investment.

Social Media Management London



Top bloggers enjoy the same social status as celebrities, and as such, they attract media, set new trends and gain dedicated fans. Simultaneously, they are oftentimes perceived as more approachable and honest, and their opinion is considered particularly reliable. 


This unique combination of qualities is what makes the support from online influencers a valuable asset to business. The collaboration with bloggers bears a semblance of celebrity endorsement due to the wide reach they both provide, yet it is perceived as more bona fide: customers trust the online reviews to reflect authentic opinions, and are willing to buy recommended products. 


Over the years, we established a network of close relationships with top bloggers in the UK and Poland, and we capitalise on them during product launches and events to help our clients achieve online omnipresence: the posts and reviews written by the influences we work with reach millions of potential customers in every corner of the Internet, not only building brand awareness, but also disseminating the knowledge of how good it is.

Online influencers and bloggers engagement



In the digital era when everyone has their own website, to simply be online is no longer enough. To gain a competitive advantage, a business needs to be visible, approachable, convenient and relevant to its customers. We possess demonstrable experience providing the brands with online presence that meets all of the aforementioned criteria. We build websites that are both fully tailored to our clients’ business needs and offering  the ultimate user experience for their customers: transparent and easy to navigate, they encourage long dwelling times and high conversion rates.


Our work is not limited to web design - prior to the launch of a new website, we develop and implement SEO recommendations, ensuring that once it goes live, it will be highly ranked in the search engines, and easily found each time potential customers look up any of the relevant phrases. This way our clients are always there whenever their audiences need to reach them. To learn more about our finalised digital projects, please see our portfolio or contact us directly on +44 (0) 208  244  7047.

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