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Every year in May, Potters Fields Park — in the heart of London’s South Bank — becomes the setting for the inaugural ‘Days of Poland’ event. London residents and visitors are introduced to traditional and contemporary Polish folk music, arts, culture and cuisine. This family-friendly festival includes a variety of attractions for children, as well as Polish national dancing and prominent Polish musicians.



’Days of Poland’ is a festival, created and project managed by 2SistersPR, to promote Polish culture in Great Britain.      


We managed the PR, marketing and social media campaigns for the project, which included creating and updating social media accounts and the website, and securing sponsorship. We created engaging content to connect with the Polish community in the UK and were also responsible for the logistics of the event. 


Days of Poland 2014’s aim was to promote through the Polish press in the UK, whereas the festival in 2015 was mainly promoted online.


All editions of the festival were hugely successful.

Days of Poland Festival has now become an annual event and is the biggest and most prestigious Polish festival held in the UK.

Each event was supported by the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.


The Festival is now covered regularly by many European media outlets and continues to grow. 


Polish Festival in the UK
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